We Provide Local, In-Market Personal Injury Leads For Law Firms

As one of the leading personal injury lead generation companies, we use Fortune 500 data sets and a proprietary algorithm to send you a consistent flow of personal injury clients.  Let us do the heavy lifting and fill your schedule with initial consultations.

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What Are In-Market Personal Injury Leads?

Here at Limelight Marketing LLC, we don't just provide you lists of personal injury leads that might be looking for a personal injury attorney.  We have a marketing methodology and process that systematically identifies, markets to, captures, and schedules initial consultations.

We have strategically partnered with Fortune 500 data companies and developed our own algorithm that allows us to know exactly who is entering the market for a personal injury attorney and what stage they are at in the selection process.  This allows us to place ads in front of these individuals much earlier than any of your local competing law firms.

Maximize Your Marketing ROI.

Maximize Your Lead Quality.

Maximize Your Firm's Revenue.

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Our Services

Our goal is simple... Develop a professional digital brand and drive qualified leads who are already looking for your services.

In-Market Lead Generation

Our flagship service - Automated personal injury lead generation by zip code.  We deliver consistent, exclusive leads who are ready for an initial consultation.

Personal Injury Medical Reports

Unlock the true claim value for any neck/back/spine injury.  Our DXD On-Demand reports help you settle cases quickly with insurance companies for maximum compensation

Search Engine Optimization

People are searching for your services right now.  Let's make sure they find your digital property first, not your competition's.

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Personal Injury Lead Generation.

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Jeremy Howie

CEO - Enlightened Marketing, LLC

"Phil is someone who I consider to be in the 'top tier' of online marketers. He understands how marketing, traffic, and conversions work, and he has the results to prove it. He is a very competent SEO consultant and one of few that I would recommend to others to get them at the top of the first page of Google. He is on top of and creating some of the most cutting edge SEO strategies that exist today. I highly recommend him if you are looking to grow your business and profits online."


Patty Dominguez

Business Growth Strategist

"Phil is a fun, smart and authentic business professional.  He brings countless examples of real results and strategies that have high impact to small/medium sized business clients. I've learned ninja level content from Phil (check out his YouTube channel) - but I'm most impressed with his dedication to adding huge value to his clients and followers. It's truly a pleasure to know Phil."


Pamela Herrmann

Marketing & Communication Strategist, Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker

"Phil is an extremely creative marketer with an eye on what's working now. He's an absolute genius when it comes to making small changes that have made a very big difference in the results. He's extremely generous with his time and patient with the process. I would absolutely recommend that you get with Phil to see how he can optimize your Internet marketing strategies."

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