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Introducing "DXD On-Demand" Reports For Personal Injury Attorneys

Our 3-Step Process Is Simple:

  • Submit X-Rays

    Submit your client's x-rays to InjuryLogic via digital upload or physical mail.  Make sure to include insurance information.

  • Receive Report

    Receive InjuryLogic’s DXD On-Demand comprehensive report within 24-48 hours.

  • Submit Report to Insurance

    Present report to insurance company with demand letter for increased settlements.

Dramatically Increase Settlements with 100% Objective DXD Reports that Validate Permanent Impairment Correlating to AMA Guidelines

If you are not submitting "Permanent Impairment Reports" that correlate to American Medical Association (AMA) guidelines, you are simply not optimizing the value of every injury case that involves any neck, back or spinal engagement.


We would like to give your firm immediate access to our AMA correlating permanent impairment reports, so that you can generate dramatically greater settlements.


In addition, due to the irrefutable. 100% objective evidence that our reports contain, adjusters settle, often times for policy limits, in a fraction of the time normally associated with submitting the same kind of demand letter with subjective doctors diagnosis.


If you are like over 90% of personal injury attorneys, you are still routinely submitting "Subjective Evidence" with the injury cases you have. I am sure you understand that while you have x-rays, MRI's and other reports, the doctors diagnosis is SUBJECTIVE and exposed to argument with insurance adjusters.


This is not surprising, over the last 7 years we have found that the vast majority of PI attorneys do not submit permanent impairment reports, or for that matter, really know about the few pages buried in the 605 page AMA guidelines, that explicitly define permanent impairment involving neck, back and spinal injuries.


The great news is that DXD Permanent Impairment reports have been the PRIMARY VALUE DRIVER for well over $150 million in additional settlements, by exhaustively documenting the existence of “Permanent impairment” to the exact measurements of vertebra movement that the AMA’s 4th, 5th & 6th editions define.


DXD's 100% OBJECTIVE permanent impairment reports measure "Ligament Laxity" aka "Alteration of Motion Structural Integrity" (AOMSI), down to 1/100 of a millimeter, using the very same x-rays you already have for your clients.


Given the fact that almost 65% of car accidents involve varying degrees of whiplash, even with collisions below 15 MPH, our on demand DXD reports can produce significantly greater settlement amounts with the majority of car accident cases you handle.


THE BOTTOM LINE: DXD on Demand Reports for attorneys, literally UNLOCK the VALUE of any neck, back or spinal injury case settlement.


Frankly, with our DXD reports, greater settlement amounts are a forgone conclusion. You will routinely see 3, 5,10, even 25 times greater settlements with the x-rays you already have, by submitting them with our DXD report and your demand letters.

It's so easy, submit the report and get dramatically higher settlements from insurance; No argument.


Here’s the best part, in practically all cases, the report is NO COST TO YOU. DXD reports are covered by insurance using AMA diagnosis codes.


Settlements have increased by as much as 25 fold in cases that had not been previously supported by an InjuryLogic DXD report.

100% Objective

No subjective doctors analyses here.  Our reports are 100% objective and point out permanent impairment that insurance adjusters cannot defend against.  Adjusters know about this report and know it invalidates their own software for initial offers.

AMA Guidelines Cited

We've found all the difficult-to-find references inside the American Medical Association's (AMA) guildelines and cite them within the report.  This ensures that our reports guarantee proof of recent trauma caused by accidents, and they always hold up in court.

Get Reimbursed Quickly

Because there is an AMA billing code for reimbursement of the cost of our reports, in most cases, law firms get repaid the full amount within 30 days.  This means you have the power of your reports for little to zero cost.

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