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Not all personal injury lead generation companies are equal.  Let me guess, you've been through the entire gauntlet of marketing companies who all promise the moon and stars, but in the end they simply can't deliver results.

First you tried SEO (search engine optimization) and their clever salesman duped you into spending thousands of dollars every month, promising (but not guaranteeing) that "leads will eventually come in" and "it will be well worth the investment in the long-run", right?  Wrong.  Money well wasted.

Second you tried hiring a Google Ads company, because, ya know, those ads show up on the top of the search results.  The reality that you eventually realized was that, while you may have received a few decent leads, the price for just ONE click on your ads (not necessarily even a lead) is astronomical.  I've seen Google Ads clicks for personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles be as much as $600 PER CLICK!  So let's say it takes 10 clicks to get one lead... That means you're paying $6,000 to get a lead that may not even truly be interested in hiring an attorney.  Once again, money down the drain.

Third times a charm?  Ok let's try hiring a Facebook™ Ads expert.  That's the ticket.  It's gotta be.  While Facebook™ does have a very robust advertising platform, here's the thing... There are only small number of experts in the nation who truly know the ins and outs when it comes to initial targeting, audience building, funnel creation, and actual conversions to leads.  Most marketing companies - and I know because back in the day I used to work for them - simply post generic ads that only target basic demographics.  No retargeting, no A/B testing, so therefore no results.

What's a personal injury attorney to do at this point?

Don't Worry.  I Got Your Back.

After many years of working at what I call "gas station marketing companies" (you know, there's one on every corner and they all sell the same junk), I decided that a new level of service was needed for personal injury law firm lead generation.

In reality, my guess is that you couldn't care less about "how" the leads are being generated (within ethical standards of course), but you really just want the results - i.e. you want local, qualified leads showing up in your mailbox every day.  Am I too far off?

Here at Limelight Marketing, we've created our own advertising network specifically for personal injury law firms that spans over 4 million websites and apps.  We never target demographics... We target individuals who we know are currently in the market for a personal injury attorney.  Our ads follow these leads across every social media site, website, and app until either 1) they become a lead and are sent directly to you, or 2) they are no longer in the market, in which case we no longer spend your precious ad spend on them.

When it comes down to it, our service is about precise targetingpre-qualification standardsautomated follow-up (text, email, ringless voicemail), and delivery to your law firm on a silver platter.

We never share leads with any of your competitors.  In fact if you decide to hire us to do your lead generation, we will not compete with any of your competitors within a 15 mile radius.

Oh and did I mention that we guarantee a minimum number of monthly, exclusive leads depending on which monthly package you subscribe to?  Yep, we do that and we put those guaranteed numbers in our contracts so there are no questions regarding number of leads to expect month-in, month-out.