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We Are Closing Our Schedule Availability For The San Diego Market at 12:00AM on May 1st, 2019.


WARNING: Due to our exclusivity with only one personal injury attorney within any given market, we suggest scheduling your consultation as soon as possible.  We will not do any business with your competitors within a 15 mile radius.

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Pierre Beaudoin

Former Information Technology Exec., now focusing exclusively on serving personal injury attorneys leverage our proprietary artificial intelligence technology to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Real, Exclusive Personal Injury Leads in Greater San Diego

Real Local Leads

Our leads are local down to the zip code.  You tell us which zip codes you want us monitoring, and our algorithm finds them.  You sit back, relax, and receive these leads via inbound phone calls and emails.

Automated Follow-up

Once identified, our online campaigns follow them across the websites they use the most and our offline campaigns automatically follow up via voicemail, text message, and email.

Maximize Marketing ROI

We don't waste time marketing to the masses.  We track 225M people over 5B+ websites and only market to those who are statistically in-the-market and most likely to make a buying choice in the near future.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Personal Injury Lead Generation


best personal injury lead generation company

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