In-Market Personal Injury Leads For Attorneys

If you are looking to scale your law firm's revenue, let us do the heavy lifting with our In-Market Personal Injury Leads.

Consistent, predictable leads and initial consultations.

What Are In-Market Personal Injury Leads?

We've created a 100% data-driven algorithm that identifies individuals who are showing online search behaviors that allows us to know exactly when they enter the market in search of a personal injury attorney.  Once these individuals are identified, we immediately begin the process of placing cross-channel advertisements in front of them both online and offline.  News websites, popular blogs, social media... Wherever they go online, our proven & tested ads constantly follow them and entice them to submit their information to schedule an initial consultation.  Furthermore, because Limelight uses Fortune 500 data to identify these prospects, we also begin reaching out via automated voicemails, text messages, and emails.


Long story short, we have built an automated system that maximizes your marketing capital ROI and drastically increases conversions into initial consultations.

How Do We Obtain Our Personal Injury Leads?

This is a great question.  The Answer:  We have spent years developing our own ad network that spans across 4 million websites and mobile apps, and this network knows knows exactly where and when people interested in hiring a personal injury attorney are looking.  Furthermore, we have set up this network to continuously track, monitor, and learn the online habits of 225 million American so that our ads can follow them onto any website they visit.

We use the latest advertising and retargeting technology so that, once we have identified an individual as entering the market for a personal injury lawyer, we can ensure they see our ads again and again until they either 1) become an exclusive lead to our network of attorneys, or 2) leave the market and therefore are no longer see our ads.  

Long story short, we've taken the waste out of our process to ensure that we only use ad spend on those people who are most likely to be hiring a personal injury law firm in the near future.  

Real Local Leads

Our leads are local down to the zip code.  You tell us which zip codes you want us monitoring, and our algorithm finds them.  You sit back, relax, and receive these leads via inbound phone calls and emails.

Automated Follow-up

Once identified, our online campaigns follow them across the websites they use the most and our offline campaigns automatically follow up via voicemail, text message, and email.

Maximum Marketing ROI

We don't waste time marketing to the masses.  We track 225M people over 5B+ websites and only market to those who are statistically in-the-market and most likely to make a buying choice in the near future.